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Sprouts in the Hood
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iced Hibiscus Tea on a 97 Degree Day

Hibiscus Tea with Ginger and Vanilla Flavor

Hibiscus Flower in Kerela, India
To quench my thirst on this 97 degree day in NYC,  I decided to make a refreshing glass of Iced Hibiscus Tea and sit in front of my fan.  Hibiscus, is also referred to as jamaica or sorrel in the Mexican and Caribbean markets.  It has a tangy, astringent flavor that reminds me of cranberries.  For added punch you can let your dried hibiscus flower steep with minced ginger and/or a piece of vanilla for a couple of hours.  I like mine lightly sweetened with a touch of honey.  

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  1. This looks absolutely delightful...I love the ginger with the hibiscus and I just happen to have everything on hand :)