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Sprouts in the Hood

Sprouts in the Hood
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Healthy Snacks with a Little Hot Spice

Instead of adding butter to popcorn, sprinkle on a little turmeric and hot pepper for a livelier flavor.   Also,  roast some nuts with a pinch of turmeric, then throw some chopped chili peppers and fresh diced red onions on top.  

Turmeric and red chilies flavor and the colors work well together.  While the yellow of the turmeric visually warms, the dramatic red of the pepper can grab one's attention.  Turmeric's subtle roasted flavor blends well with the heat intensey of the hot pepper.

1.  Roasted Cashews Garnished with Hot Peppers and Onions
2.  Pop Corn with Turmeric and Red Pepper
Hot pepper is a metabolism booster,  so do not be shy about adding  a little to your diet. 
Photograph of a truck filled with red chilies in Rajasthan, India.

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