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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vegan Massala Chai on a Snowy Day

Vegan Massala Chai Tea
Wherever you may be on be a cold snowy day, a cup of a massala chai is the perfect way to find comfort and relaxation.  Substitute milk with almond milk for a creamy and luscious alternative to dairy.

Ingredients for 2 cups of Vegan Chai:

1 cup raw almonds, finely ground
2 tablespoons black or green tea
1 tablespoon ginger, minced
2 cups unsweetened soy milk
1 cup water
6 black pepper pods
1 small piece of cinnamon stick
6 lightly crushed green cardamon pods
1 tablespoon honey


1.  In a coffee grinder, grind raw almonds until pasty.
2.  In a pot, combine almond paste with soy milk and water.
3.  Add ground spices such as cinnamon, cardamon.
4.  Add mined ginger with a couple of black pepper pods and sweetener, such as honey.
5.  Boil gently for 15 minutes
6.  Strain mixture and serve into a cup.

Indian Street Vendor Making a Cup of Chai
Enjoying Chai at an Indian Dhaba


  1. Beautiful photos! And the mug on the snow can go straight into an illustrated cook book! Must be delicious too :-)