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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Agua Fresca": Refreshing Water Cooler at the Oasis

The Famous Oasis Restaurant
I am having culture shock after moving from NYC to Santa Fe.  I miss the
pulse of the city but I am enjoying discovering a new
place.  While driving, I came across this funky little taco shack on the
side of the road named "Oasis."  The owner and chef, Julio, made me one
of his special "Aqua Fresca" drinks.  Julio blends water with a slice
of water melon or mango, then pours the mixture in a glass with ice.  On a
hot day, this refreshing beverage is the perfect aid to cooling off.

Julio's "Aqua Fresca" Recipe:

1 cup water
1 cup fruit
1 cup ice


1. Blend fruit and water in a mixer.
2. Serve in a glass with ice.
3. Enjoy and stay cool.

Julio from Oasis in the Desert
Blending an "Agua Fresca"


  1. I red your post and it was very funny for me. Why? Because I live in Guadalajara, MX, and is very common the Agua Fresca, there are places that the only thing they sale is Agua Fresca fo any kind of fruit you can mention... And let me tell you, they are delicious in any season. If you ever come tome my city, the Aguas Frescas are on me!

  2. I like the combination used for this drink.

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